Arianna MacKinnon




Sek-sē Brand Guidelines

Sek-sē (sexy) is a streetwear clothing brand. A couple of classmates and I were paired with Sek-sē during a semester long collaborative project. Sek-sē's creator was so excited and so full of creative ideas that it culminated in a brand that was a bit chaotic. My group aimed to create guidelines that Sek-sē could use to create a cohesive and trustworthy brand that could grow and expand into new territories as it gained traction. We created a tag line, new image-based and text-based logos and more.


Green Habits Campaign Guidelines

Green Habits is a campaign that aims to help the planet through teaching beneficial actions to children. By making the actions simple, they are easy to do and therefore easy to turn into habits that become part of everyday life and create a change for good in the planet. These brand guidelines inform the design decisions of the Green Habits brand and show collateral pieces I created for it.