Arianna MacKinnon

graphic work

graphic work


"The Best Medicine" Book

"The Best Medicine" was created to represent my time at Northeastern University. I combined my major of design with my minor of psychology. I explored what happiness and laughter looks like and means to different people.


"Digestion" Poster

This poster was created to demonstrate a process with multiple steps in one uniform and flowing diagram. I focused on the process of digestion and made it geometric, colorful, and simple so that it would be attractive to children.


"Alex Steinweiss" Accordion

I wrote and designed this accordion to teach about the influential designer and creator of album cover art, Alex Steinweiss. I used his covers to influence my design.


Punny Cards

These cards combine a few things I enjoy: puns and doodling. They were an experiment in transitioning hand drawn images and type into digital media.


"Teaching About Type" Poster

This piece was created teach about typography terms. I thought it might be interesting to use a cookie recipe and images to illustrate the terms to draw in people who might not otherwise be interested in typography. 


"Brazil" Poster

This infographic poster represents various facts and statistics about the country of Brazil, utilizing hand drawn icons and other elements.


"The Importance of Being Earnest" Poster

This poster was a redesign of a play poster that already existed. I aimed to create a poster that was more attractive and represented the play better than the original.


"America The Beautiful" Postcards

I took a road trip across the United States during one of my summers of college. I discovered many dazzling sights and was able to capture some in pictures. I created post cards for some of my favorite places.

Inspired 2.jpg

"Inspired" Book

This book is a visual representation of what caused me to become a designer.  


"New England" Poster Series

I was born and raised in New England so I hold it dear to my heart. Each poster in this series represents one of the six states that make it up. I tried to step out of my comfort zone in terms of color with this project.


"Green Habits" Poster Series

I created a campaign that focuses on developing habits in children that they could grow up doing. These habits would benefit the planet and could create change. This campaign is called Green Habits and includes many areas of activation, including posters. The brand book can be found under the "branding" tab.